EPP provides a separate REST API to merchants which can be integrated easily to their systems. A merchant has access to the following options in the dashboard.


The dashboard for merchants contains all the transaction details which include total transactions, accepted, pending, declined, refund, void, capture, and authorized. A merchant can look at all these details graphically as well.

User Management System

User management system allows merchants to manage all the users’ transactions at the same time. A merchant can look into all the details about the user like contact details, type of user, and business company name, etc.

Transaction view & Management

Transaction view and management allows merchants to swiftly look at all the transactions details of the users. They can see the following transaction details in their dashboard:

  • User name
  • Transaction reference
  • Credit/debit card number
  • Complete name
  • Email address
  • Amount transacted
  • Transaction date
  • Transaction status

A merchant will have the option to change/set the status of transaction as accepted, declined, or refund, etc.

Virtual terminal

A merchant can process the payments easily by directly entering the details of the user manually. The details required to enter into virtual terminal include:

  • Credit/debit card details
  • Full name on card
  • CVV
  • Expiry date of the card
  • Currency
  • Transaction amount
  • Contact details

Inquiries Management System

Merchants can always stay up-to-date with all the inquiries coming from users and can reply them from their dashboard instantly. A complete information about the sender, subject of the inquiry and the actual message is available to the merchant with which no query will remain unanswered.

Pricing Management System

The pricing management system offered by EPP helps you make more informed pricing decisions. The automated price management system optimizes the prices that help you improve revenues and profit margins.

The pricing management system provides the following benefits:

  • Eliminate manual effort
  • Implement value-based pricing
  • Identify outdated products and markets
  • Analyze and respond quickly to changing market trends

Within few seconds, merchants and PSPs can monitor and analyze the pricing behavior through an interactive dashboard. They can get an easy access to all the pricing insights instantly, which helps them increase revenues and profitability. The probability of having an incorrect pricing plan would be very less, while having an efficient pricing management system.

Limit Management System

Limit management system is that one feature of EPP that acts as a risk control tool for global limit management, for banks, and other corporations. It is more useful for large enterprises which require a set limit for the number of transactions and the amount a merchant can process. This helps large businesses to keep their transactions limited with respect to the defined value. It provides real time control functions to the merchants and PSPs across products and front to back office processes. Limit management system immediately checks the pre-trade limits set earlier and processes the workflows accordingly. EPP provides a flexible reporting dashboard that indicates the merchants instantly in case settlement risk limits have been exceeded or any specific risk exists. Limit management system acts as a central hub that contains functions for risk controlling and monitoring those set limits to ensure that they are not exceeded.

Virtual Terminal

Virtual terminal allows merchants to process the payments easily by having internet access and without swiping the card physically. It helps them process credit cards and ACH payments securely through any computer around the world while performing some additional tasks like verification and reporting. This virtual terminal of EPP allows merchants to manually enter the customer’s personal and credit card details to process the transaction. It also provides a multi-user environment to the merchant for registering additional users in the virtual terminal. Virtual terminal of EPP not only allows multi-user environment, but also provides multi-merchant facility which is suitable for those businesses which are operating at different locations. A user will be able to make the payment through one account for different merchants, provided that those merchant accounts are related.